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What germs?


Hey Peeps!

I’ve been thinking about my progress in the OCD department. And I think I’ve been doing quite well. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen people cut themselves, drink from the same cup as others, have eaten food others have touched, that was on display, that was on the floor, and all without washing my hands first!

I am so proud of myself for these achievements. Only a couple of months ago, the thought of doing these things sent me into waves of anxiety, and hours spent thinking about it, thinking myself in circles. I’m so glad those times are behind me. Sometimes, I still have waves of it, but it goes away more quickly, and I feel safe again.

The first term (or mod, as it’s called here) is coming to an end, and I realize I’ve learned so much about food: preparing it, cooking, presenting it, serving it. I’ve found out that baking isn’t my strong suit, or even that interesting – except shaping doughs, I really enjoy that. I’ve discovered I enjoy serving people food – it’s great to see those smiles and looks of appreciation when you set a plate of food down in front of someone. It’s a magical moment, filled with hope, desire, and happy thoughts.

One of my favorite parts of being here is walking through a busy kitchen, looking over all the prep stations, smelling different foods, catching smiles and laughter, and looking at beautiful plates of food.

Overall, I’m pretty happy here. I made the right decision to come here. This week has been rough, but the mod is almost over, and after a week off, I start a whole new set of classes, which I’m excited about.

So, here’s to good decisions, and good food!



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