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Hey Peeps!

Here two photos from one table service class where we explored different teas, and learned about the differences between green and black tea.

All tea comes from one plant: camellia sinensis. The leaves are always harvested and dried. The difference between black and green tea is the level of oxidation of the dried leaves. Black tea is dried longer than green tea. The darker the tea, the more caffeine, and the more oxidation.

In class, we each were assigned a tea to brew, and then we went around and poured each other a bit to taste. Also, we talked about the fact that herbal teas aren’t actually teas – only teas brewed from camellia sinensis are technically teas. However, herbal teas are probably called teas because they are prepared in much the same way.

We also talked about coffee in class. Coffee beans come from two different plants: coffea arabica and robusta/coffea canefora. Arabica is more common, and mainly used for better flavor. However, canefora has twice as much caffeine and the plant is less susceptible to disease. Roasting the beans adds flavor; the darker the roast, the more flavor. Also, the more roasting, the more caffeine is lost.

coffea arabica


What’s your favorite tea or coffee drink?



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  1. Good Earth Original sweet/spicy tea!

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