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En papillote

Hey Peeps!

Here’s a moist-heat cooking method: en papillote, literally meaning ‘in parchment’. It is a technique used for cooking proteins in a sealed bag or pouch, usually parchment paper.

Chef Emma holds up a parchment paper heart for the 'en papillote' salmon.

First, we cut out a heart shape of parchment paper. Then, you place the marinated piece of protein (in our case salmon), along with any vegetables and other goodies, onto the parchment.


Soy sauce marinade for the salmon and julienne vegetables.

A happy little piece of salmon, marinating in soy sauce.

Food is placed on the parchment, then you fold the heart in half, and then start folding the paper around the food, creating a circular shape.

Folding the parchment heart.

En papillote, all in a row.

One of the difficulties of cooking en papillote is that you can’t check the temperature of the meat once you’ve sealed the pouch. So you have to estimate when it’s done.

However, when done correctly, this method produces food with lots of aroma and juices. The juices all stay locked into the parchment, which makes this method so great!

Our salmon came out beautifully!




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