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Hey Peeps!

As part of our wine lecture, we got to taste some different flavors in wines. We used a sauvignon blanc, and then added different elements.

1) WITH ACID: So we added acidic powder to the wine. The powder itself tasted like sour candy, which was kind of cool. The wine ended up tasting really sour on the sides and back of the tongue. There was less aroma, and the clarity was definitely impaired. It also was a bit fizzy, and a bit sweet.

2) WITH YEAST: Adding yeast is never a good idea. HA! Of course you knew that. Sometimes a wine can taste yeasty if there is some left over from the fermentation process. The taste is basically toasty or bready, as you would expect. And the wine gets foggy. However, sometimes wines are aged on the lees, which is the yeast residue – this is mostly for sparkling wines.

3) WITH ALCOHOL ADDED: So, with added alcohol, the wine basically loses its wine flavor and become more like hard liquor. It has runnier legs, a sharper smell, and burns down the throat.

4) WITH SUGAR: Okay, so this was my favorite. I do tend to like sweeter alcoholic drinks, so wine with sugar added tasted sweet and nice to me. The legs form more slowly, and the wine has more body and more flavor.

5) WITH TANNIN: Adding tannin powder made the wine look more like cider, and it had more of a cellar smell, earthy and woody. It dries out the mouth like crazy, and adds a smoky flavor, which I actually enjoyed.

6) OAK CHIPS: We didn’t add these to the wine, but we chewed on them until they became splinters in our mouths (don’t do this at home!). I didn’t taste much of anything, but basically the oak barrel adds color and flavor to the wine.

These experiments were fun. It improves the palate, and hopefully, I will be able to taste these flavor components in future wines I taste!



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