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Math Homework = Dinner

Hey Peeps – time for some math!

Even though I might have been able to argue my way out of my college math class, I didn’t. And so I am learning about how to calculate recipes in different amounts, what a yield percent is, and how to calculate entire recipes, and how much it would cost on a menu. Here’s the recipe I’m using (I made this image):

Eggplant - Tofu Recipe I made up for IT class.

For my homework this week, I had to find a recipe, and then calculate all the cost of the food involved. So I have this recipe that I already used for my information technology class. It involves eggplant and tofu, and it’s basically a dish I made up based on an Italian appetizer. Here’s a mock flyer I made for that class, explaining the origins of the dish.

So today for dinner, I decided to actually make the dish and see how much a portion is, so that I can correctly calculate the cost of the dish. The cost is the cost of the ingredients. The price is what we charge the customer. So once I have the cost of one portion, I can calculate the price to charge the customer based on what my restaurant’s financial cost is, including cost of labor, equipment, food, utilities, etc. (As a class, we are actually going to ‘open’ a restaurant with the recipes we bring in, and figure out all of these costs – yay, business management!) I went to my local coop, Hunger Mountain Coop. This coop is like HEAVEN!!!! I love it in there. Sure, it’s expensive, but it’s the epitome of a coop. I wrote down all the prices as I chose products, and as I made dinner, I kept track of the amounts I used.

So here are the calculations I made in the form our instructor gave us: This form is called a recipe costing form. So according to my calculations, my dish would cost about $24.75, which seems a little high to me. I’m not sure I did everything right, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!
~ Carolynn

ps: okay, okay, here’s a picture of the food I made for myself tonight!!!

Eggplant Tofu Dish on Bed of Couscous


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One thought on “Math Homework = Dinner

  1. Mami on said:

    Looks great !! I would prefer mozzarella or feta cheese instead of tofu! and would think that 12 to 15 $$ is enough!on the other hand considering that the creator is my daughter I should be willing to pay everything or nothing at all,gell?

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