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Table Service and Wine Lecture


Hey Peeps!

I’m about one week into my new class: Table Service. For three days of the week, we learn how to be a server in the NECI -style, which is kind of like, but not exactly like fine dining. The photo above is the official photo which will be put on the tables in the restaurant with short bios of all the students. I actually kind of enjoy the performance of it all.

Since we are an educational institution, we (the servers/students) usually announce to each new table that we are students, and that they can leave comments on the comment card that comes with the check at the end of their meal. So far comments have generally been good for my service. I even got to serve the founder of the college once, and he asked me all kinds of questions about where I’m from and why I chose the school, etc. He was a really nice guest, so it was okay.

One thing I still need to get used to as a server is that I have nothing to do with these people eating at the restaurant. I am not part of their lives, nor their conversations. I am just there to bring them food and make sure they are happy with everything. It’s been pretty easy to serve people, even though I was pretty nervous about it at first, thinking I would forget things, and spill things on people. But it’s really not that hard. You just need to be organized, which I am. Plus, the restaurant isn’t that busy for lunch, so sometimes it’s pretty boring. By the way, here is the website for the restaurant:

The other part of this class is wine lecture and tasting, which is definitely going to be nice. Last week, we tasted some different grapes and talked about tannin, a component in the grape berry that makes it red/purple. So when the grapes are pressed, the tannin from the skin goes into the liquid, which turns it the red color of red white. Red grapes can also make white wine, but only if you carefully get the juice out of the grape without the skins getting in.

There will be more about this class as I go along. Tomorrow, we will be tasting some sauvignon blanc. There is special law in the state of Vermont just for our school that allows students under 21 years of age to taste wines. However, everyone participating in the class must spit out the wine that is used for tasting. 😦 Oh well, it’s probably better that way!

More next week!

~ Carolynn


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One thought on “Table Service and Wine Lecture

  1. Muriel on said:

    Love the picture, Carolynn. Yes, too bad you have to spit out the wine – isn’t that alcohol abuse? Love the graveyard picture from Ben & Jerry’s – you & chocolate!

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