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Practical Exam: Passed!

Hey Peeps!

Sooooo, I passed my Cooking Theory and Food Science Final Practical Exam. The written exam will follow on Wednesday, and I will have to study hard for it – some people don’t pass it the first time. Luckily, you can re-take it as many times as necessary in order to pass the class. The same counts for the practical exam.

So, the run-down was as follows: we came down at the appropriate time into the kitchen, and Chef Emma lined us up to do brigade. I passed, of course, because my uniform is always freshly ironed that morning. Some people had to go iron their aprons and clean their shoes before they were allowed to start the exam. Then we pulled numbers to determine where we would set up our stations.

I pulled the lucky number and got a station all to myself (extra room). We then sanitized the tables with bleach water and set up the cutting boards, salt & pepper, three burners, three pots, one saute pan, tasting spoons, our knife kits, and one bowl. While we were setting up, I cut my thumb and of course it bled…. Oh no! I had been so happy the past two weeks that I hadn’t cut myself with my knife at all. So I had to wash my hands, put on a bandage, and wear a glove on that hand for the rest of the morning! It wasn’t too bad, just mostly a pain.

We pulled cards that had our assignments on them. I got a veloute (white sauce), braising chicken, salmon en papillotte (in parchment paper), risotto, hollandaise, and making three different vegetable in three different ways. I started off a bit slow, but then soon realized I need to speed up quite a bit!

Oops - burnt!

I burnt my first round of roasted beets and overcooked my broccoli…. oy! So I made the roasted beets again later on. I made the salmon with rosemary and lemon juice, with some olive oil. Somehow it didn’t taste super great, but it was cooked long enough, and decent enough to pass.

I did best on the hollandaise, risotto, and the veloute. Chef said they were seasoned nicely, and I exceeded standards. Our markings are not by grade, but by standards: meets standards, exceeds standards, or below standards.

So overall, I’m really proud of myself for the good job I did. I was the only one of the five students who passed. Everyone else has to go back tomorrow and re-take either the whole exam or parts of it. But I have the day off! Well, more time to study, anyway.

Back to work….

~ Carolynn


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