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POTATO DAY!!!!!!!!

Potato Day was awesome! We all came in with a classical French recipe and made a potato dish.  I chose scalloped potatoes (potato gratin; Kartoffelgratin in German), which is something I’ve made many times before. But never with this much heavy cream and salt! Our chef instructor has a salty palette, which she admits to, and kept telling me to add more salt! My mother would probably find this amusing, as she thinks I eat too much salt!!! (Hallo, Mama! Mir geht’s noch gut…)

I started by heating the heavy cream with aromatics. Since there wasn’t any marjoram in the kitchen, I used thyme instead. And LOTS of garlic. I love garlic. Also, nutmeg and cayenne for spices. Then I washed, peeled, and used the mandolin to cut up the potatoes into coins, simmered them in the cream until tender, and layered them in a casserole with lots more salt. Then I baked it until the potatoes were fully cooked and the cheese had browned.

We had a big feast at the end of class with all the different styles of potatoes we had made. Yum!

~ Carolynn



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One thought on “POTATO DAY!!!!!!!!

  1. Hilary on said:

    oh man, this is one feast I would have loved to have attended!

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