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Orientation Week Part Two

Hey Peeps,

well, Orientation Week is over, and I finally have my schedule and all the materials I need to succeed for the first three weeks of my first term! So, the first term is called Mod 1, and I’m in Block A. Blocks are basically just the groups you are assigned to. There are eight people in my block, and we will be taking all of our classes together. In total, there are 30 incoming students.

So, my schedule looks pretty good. I have Cooking Theory and Food Science the first three weeks, from 7-12. I can’t wait for this one! I’ll be learning about making stocks, sauces, and so many other things. Basically the real fundamentals of cooking from scratch, and what happens when you apply heat to different products/food. Plus, I will be working on my knife skills. Exciting!

Then I will also have some academic classes, including college math, information technology, and possibly writing fundamentals. Hopefully I will be able to get out of writing fundamentals since I already have a BA, and have done so much writing! I also have a class called Food Sanitation that will be online throughout the entire first term. Later in the term, I have two more classes called Table Service and Wine and Food Pairing and also Baking I. I can’t wait for baking, too, because I really want to learn how to make good bread. By the way, I will be learning from an award winning chef instructor.

Last night, a bunch of us from Mod 1 went out to a local bar to celebrate our first week at NECI. We had brigade yesterday, where we wore our ‘whites’ and lined up according to height, then “marched” down (single file) to City Hall, and two chefs inspected our uniforms. I did well, as did most of us. Some passing cars honked, and overall I thought it was a good experience. I felt proud in my whites, and happy to be at NECI. The photo above is Chef Paul and Mod 1 before we did the brigade parade.

Today, I will be having brunch with one of my classmates at the NECI restaurant. We got a ‘gift card’ from the school, so we can go eat at the NECI restaurants and experience the food and service from a customer’s point of view.

So, overall it was a pretty good week. Although it was kind of frustrating in the beginning since we had to sit through a lot of talks about being on time, being a professional, getting everything and more out of our time here, being good in school, etc.

Can’t wait for Monday morning.



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