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Orientation Week Part One

Hey Peeps:

I’m back. Sorry about the delay, but I have just been so frustrated and impatient, and didn’t want to write anything without having a little time go by to cool down. I’m frustrated because it seems that now I’m here, things can’t go fast enough for me! I can’t wait until I can start chopping onions and potatoes. This will happen tomorrow morning. The first group did knife skills with Chef Emma Cutler (no joke) today, and four out of ten people cut themselves. No major injuries, but still. Wish me luck for tomorrow. I plan on not cutting myself and paying a lot of attention to what I’m doing!!!!

By the way, check out my knife kit, for me the most exciting part of my start here.

Here’s the first section, which includes a heat resistant spatula, a slotted spatula, tongs, a whisk, a zester, a corkscrew, a brush, and I’m not sure yet what that long thing does (I know – that’s what she said).

Second Section: some scrapers, measuring cups, a calculator and a heat thermometer.

And, of course, the third section which includes knives for various tasks, a melon baller, measuring spoons, a sharpening tool, and some other smaller tools I don’t know the names of, but they are important, too.

For our own safety, we keep the knives in plastic sheaths. Good idea, if you ask me. The knives  and some of the other tools are made by Mercer.

And, of course, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: me in my uniform, also known as ‘brigade’. I’ve heard it pronounced ‘brih-GAHD’ and ‘brih-GADE’. Supposedly there’s a Brigade Parade on Saturday where all the incoming students (30 total for April) line up and are checked out by the chefs. Oh, and you can’t see them in the photos, but I’m wearing special shoes from a company called Shoes for Crews. They are slide-proof shoes for those nasty slippery wet kitchen floors. The full brigade (also known as my ‘whites’) includes the shoes, black socks, pants, a white t-shirt under my jacket, my name pin, the hat, and various accessories that I can put in my coat, like a small notepad and pen, a heat thermometer, and … I guess I’ll find out what else.

Knife skills class tomorrow. More on Orientation Week later this week. Once I get my schedule on Friday, I will have a better idea of what my life will look like.



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2 thoughts on “Orientation Week Part One

  1. diane on said:

    You look very happy and ready to go!!
    If break a leg is for theater, what do we say for culinary?
    The blog s great!! Look forward to hearing more. d

  2. Linda on said:

    What!!! No pizza knife??? I know where you can get one for free.

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