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Don’t back up!

Hey Peeps!

If the U-haul employee and general manager at the Northampton U-haul said anything to me, it was: “Don’t back up!” And so I didn’t.

The move went very very well in almost every aspect, except it took me two and a half hours longer to get to Montpelier than I thought. Turns out those U-haul trucks don’t really like to accelerate, even if you plead with them. I spent a lot of time coaxing it to go faster, but to no avail.

So, I just drove the truck and towed my car in back, my little Purl in her cat carrier (the box I adopted her in – ahem) next to me, all buckled up. She didn’t meow too much, which was a relief. Here’s her new favorite place to look out the window from my bed:

My new roommate Marty has been extremely nice and helpful, and helped unload the truck along with two NECI students I hired (and myself). All in all a pretty smooth move except I was late: I had forgotten to calculate enough time in to drive uphill ALL THE WAY to Vermont. Figures. I had all kinds of weather on the way, too: snow, rain, sunshine, and stuff in between. And today it snowed, too.

I’ve settled in NECI’s very own bakery/cafe, La Brioche. Having my first mocha from here, and it’s a disappointment. They use  syrup instead of cocoa powder, which makes a HUGE difference in the taste. I definitely prefer cocoa powder, which I will of course let them know once I get in!!! Ha! I’m an undercover agent, and somehow I think my opinion as a mod 1 student (they call the semesters or whatever ‘mods’) will count. Funny, Carolynn. Very funny.

Seriously, though, I am totally excited about tomorrow’s start. The big orientation. I get my knife kit (probably the most exciting thing of all), my uniforms, hats, and shoes. I can’t wait. Put me in that kitchen already!

By the way, Montpelier is the smallest state capital in the U.S. And very cute. I drove past all the state departments in about one minute. Plus, the court house, the post office, and a couple of banks. They’re all next to each other. Oh yeah, and the state house has a golden dome, just like the one in Boston. So pretty! Although it’s raining now, boo.

Tried to open a bank account at the Vermont State Employees Credit Union, but couldn’t because I don’t have a license or any other proof of residence yet. But soon, soon, I will also have that lovely forest green license plate. Funny how I never wanted the Massachusetts one. I almost cried when I had to screw off my Maine license plates, and now I can’t wait to get the green Vermont one!

Moving forward, it’s what I’m doing. And I won’t back up.

Nothing is in the way; everything is on the way.


ps: Fuer meine deutschen LeserInnen, hier ein Extra. Mein Mitbewohner Marty hat ein Auto, das mit altem Gemueseoel faehrt. Er benutzt folgende Filter:

Kleine Welt!


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