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Should I stay or should I go…

Moving Boxes!

Hey Peeps!

My moving date has been moved to Saturday – well, I should say I moved it to Saturday once I was convinced by a friend who is helping me move that the impending snow storm is significant enough. Okay, okay, so I was in denial that driving in the snow is going to be dangerous not only for me but also for the people who are going to help me load my truck. Plus, I’m going to attach a hitch to tow my car, and I’ve never done so before, so it seems all has worked out just fine.

But the problem is, I was already mentally prepared to move tomorrow, and now I have an extra 24 hours to do…. well, what exactly?

This situation has happened to me once before. I was on my way back to the U.S. from a trip to Germany. In fact, I was already on the KLM plane to Amsterdam, but we never got off the runway. Something was wrong with one of the brakes. So we all got back off the plane, I rebooked my flight for two days later, and took the train back to good old Benningen, where I rang the doorbell and my surprised mother answered.

So I spent an extra day in Germany, just hanging out. Bored, basically. We went to an ice parlor and I had iced coffee, which in Germany is coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But nothing significant happened, it didn’t enrich my experience there at all. In fact, it just prolonged a trip that was already too long. I was ready to go. My time had come.

Facing the same situation now, I feel like I shouldn’t waste my time. Yet, I just spend more time watching the X-Files (which are superb, by the way – Season 7 rocks). I have this extra time, and I feel guilty for not doing anything meaningful.

I’ve been practicing being flexible for a while now, since all my life I have hated a change of plans last minute and been extremely rigid, even upset, when it happened. Spontaneity doesn’t come easily to me, and yet I’ve gotten better at it. So my bags are packed, the apartment has been cleaned, all the truck reservations made, helpers engaged and confirmed – and then I have to call everything off. I was completely relaxed until now, well-prepared, I even labeled my boxes (see also my photos).

I’m not sure what the lesson is I’m supposed to learn this time. Use my time wisely? Make every second count? Live every day as if it’s your last? [Insert platitude here.] Hell if I know.

Purl is ready to go, too. Right, Purl?








~ Carolynn


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2 thoughts on “Should I stay or should I go…

  1. Carolynn 2.0 on said:

    By the way, the photos are from TODAY. The camera lies.

  2. Carolynn: I think the message is…life is worth relaxing, and that you should totally just do something you consider wasteful…like reading a good book or watching your favorite movie. Or sleeping. Or? Maybe this is the universe telling you it is okay to do nothing!

    By the way, love your blog!

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