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Colorado Day 3: Trip to Even Higher Altitude

Hi Folks!

on day 3, we travel up over some higher peaks in the Rocky Mountains to get to the cabin of our family friends. The altitude went up to about 13,000 feet, which is not so great for breathing, as the air is “thinner” (less oxygen). I wasn’t feeling so great in the first place, so it was even harder to walk up the short distance to some of the outlook areas. We had lunch at Grand Lake Lodge Restaurant, where there was a spectacular view of Grand Lake.

The trip up to the cabin took us all day, but it was really worth the longer trip over the mountains. You’ll see some of the views we had in the gallery below. The cabin is at about 10,000 feet outside of Fairplay, Colorado.

~ Carolynn


Colorado Day 2: The Exibition

Hi Folks,

on our second day in Colorado, we went to an exhibition at the Denver Botanic Gardens. There is a wonderful exhibit with works by Dale Chihuly. The art featured is all blown glass, integrated into the entire Gardens. The result is an exciting interplay between the plants and the glass. You can also see a quick video here.

We stayed for about 2 hours, walking through the Gardens, looking at the flowers, the art, and all the other plant life. It was a great experience. I’ve named the photos in the gallery below; those are not the actual names of the pieces (sorry).

~ Carolynn


Colorado Vacation: Day 1

Hi Folks!

I’m on vacation in Colorado visiting with family & friends. So far, it’s been really great. We arrived Saturday early early morning, and have since already had a great time. Yesterday, we went for a hike on Bobcat Ridge, where we had great vistas and also saw some wildlife, including some prairie dogs (who are ADORABLE). Here are some photos I wanted to share.

Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir

Bobcat Ridge – park area sign

white tree at park entrance

these kind of cactus were everywhere

meadow with red rocks in back

scenic views throughout

prairie dog if you look closely

scenic view

scenic view

this was a little wooded area that was a little spooky

lightning tree

rest area with rocks and tree

me and walking sticks

bobcat rock at park entrance

almost there!

horseback on the trails



I especially enjoyed using the walking sticks, as they alleviated some of the pain I have been feeling (still) from my sprained ankle a while back. Also, they  helped a lot going either up or downhill. Overall, we had a great hike. The weather was perfect, sunny with a cool breeze. Overall, the hike was about 3 hours – longer than I have hiked in some time. But other than my foot, I felt great.

It’s great to see my mother, who is visiting, as well as her partner, and some old family friends, Dan & Maggie.

Carol & I are having a great time so far. It’s a REAL vacation!

~ Carolynn



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